One thought on “49 – Michael Scherer”

  1. Star wars Rogue One is about how they got the info on the Death Star everybody dies to get the info. Dante’s inferno is about going to Hell to find info. The path to the info to save yourself and others comes with sacrifice someone has to be willing to die or give up everything to find that flaw. Krsna’s name is non different than himself that’s the flaw your talking about. With Sankritan if no one sacrifices there time to go out in the world and spread the movement. You have to give all of yourself to the saving of the world. So like Rogue One, Virgil, and others that die to tell other’s the vital info to save them and others. Now about Kirtan at the temple what is that doing for the people need the info that are fighting maya everyday in the world. It’s like only using the black arrow to say you have means to beat smog but not using it. Similarly your Kirtan movement won’t help anybody if you don’t take it to the street.

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